👋 Introduction to Oddle

Get an overview of Oddle's online ordering platform and key features, and learn how you can kick start your restaurant's online food ordering business today.

What is Oddle?

Oddle was built to empower restaurateurs like yourself to own and grow your online food ordering business. Over 3,000 brands today choose Oddle as their online ordering platform. Oddle's Online Ordering Platform enables you to:

  • Create a beautiful Online Shop & menu that allows your customers to place pickup and delivery orders directly from you

  • Manage your pickup and delivery orders via a Web Dashboard

  • Grow your online food ordering business through a variety of industry specific features and tools

Additionally, we also provide:

  • A dedicated support team to answer your questions

  • Add-on marketing services that can help you grow your online food ordering business

  • A blog which contains free articles on how to build a strong online food ordering business based on our collective industry expertise

To get started with Oddle, simply sign up for an account.

Oddle Shop

The Oddle Shop is your very own website that you get when signing up for an account with Oddle. This is where your customers can go to place delivery and pickup orders from you. The Oddle Shop can be fully customised via the editor so you will be able to style it to represent your brand and also use it to display useful information for your visitors (i.e. opening hours, brand story). Your menu and products displayed on the Oddle Shop can also be setup via the Web Dashboard.

Unlike most e-commerce platforms, the Oddle Shop is specifically engineered for the food ordering industry and designed to give your customers the best shopping experience.

Try out our demo shop and test it out for yourself.

Your Oddle Shop comes with a free oddle.me sub-domain name (e.g. brand.oddle.me) but you can add a custom domain name (e.g. brand.com) anytime.

Web Dashboard

The Web Dashboard is your mission control where you will find all the tools to manage and grow your online food ordering business. In the Web Dashboard you can:

Getting Started

The best way to discover Oddle is to try it out by creating an account here.

Additionally, the following guides are here to help you get setup once you are ready to start your restaurant's online food ordering business.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@oddle.me or talk to us here.